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    PLEASE NOTE: All items for sale will be described to the best of our ability.   Do to the age of most of these items, they are sold "as is."  However, please check our ebay feedback for the items we've sold.  Since 1999 we've had100% positive feedback with over 2,000 transactions.  Items may be paid by PayPal, Money Order, or Check (checks must clear prior to shipping).  We will usually ship large items via UPS Ground.  THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING OUR USED EQUIPMENT! All Reel2ReelTexas.com photos on this web site are copyrighted ©2012.  We are often asked for permission to use our photos.  Each request is unique.  However normally we charge $25 per photo for one time usage.  If the use is "for profit" we will negotiate a reasonable fee.  Please contact us if you wish to use one of our photos.

    We often secure duplicate items to upgrade our collection of reel to reel recorders, microphones and accessories. Some of the replaced items will be listed on eBay or will be made for sale on this page.  Please check back if you don't find what you're looking for.

    Also, be aware that we have a permanent collection of vintage reel to reel equipment which is NOT for sale.  The only items that are for sale are those listed on our sales pages or on eBay listed under our ID "phantomprod."



    Our goal is to help preserve the history of the development of the reel to reel tape recorder and recognize those persons who provided the innovations along the way.  In spite of its relatively short history (1930's to the 1980's), the reel tape recorder enabled folks for the first time to capture sound with ever increasing levels of quality. Whether it be the musician preparing for the studio, broadcasters documenting a major event, or just capturing granddad interacting with the kids, reel tape recorders preserved the moments.


      Phantom Productions has a 5 hour 2 DVD set profiling our vintage tape recording clooection for $14.95.  The set also includes some history of sound recording; how the tape recoder works and a bit about recording in Texas during the 1960's through the 1980's.






    There are 323 electric motors in the 151 reel tape recorders in our collection.

    The Reel2ReelTexas vintage recording collection began in 1998 with a 1904 Edison cylinder player.  It has since grown to the many recorders noted on this web site.  We've produced a DVD tour of our vintage recording collection.  There are approximately 151 reel to reel tape recorders and other unique items related to recording. This is a 3 DVD 7 hour set that also includes a brief history of sound recording and a segment on how the tape recorder works.  Also we include a segment on our on-location  recording work around the State of Texas.

    Most of the DVD is dedicated to the profile of the reel tape recorders that came available in the US in the late 1940's through the 1980's.  We also include a profile of our wire recorders.  While we don't go into great depth, we demonstrate the many working units and provide some base information on when they were manufactured and what they cost new.



    7 Hour - 2 DVD set covering Phantom Production, Inc's vintage recording collection, a brief history of sound recording and on-location recording in Texas

    View a 10 minute overview of the 7 hour download


    This 7 hour + vintage recording content is available ORDER THE VIDEO FILES ON LINE - was 14.95

    NOW only $9.95

    Please note: there are 48 QuickTime H264 854 X 480 files in this download. They have been tested on Win XP and Win 7 and play well with the FREE Apple QuickTime for PC application. 

    Some videos are small and will download quickly.  Others are large and my require 5 minutes or more on broadband (longer on other connections). 

    We have set the system to provide 48 hours during which to download the files. After that the file access will expire.  Once the files are downloaded they are yours to keep.  If you have a problem, please let us know.

    Below you may also order some of the video files independently without the full 48 files.  All the individual files below ARE included on the DVD and in the 48 file download above.

    These are individual files about a specific brand in our collection

    The History of Sound Recording by Phantom Productions  $4.95 - 23:45 min

    How the Tape Recorder Works by Phantom Productions  $4.95 - 17:20 min

    The  Akai Reel Tape Recorder  $3.95 - 9:19 min

    The Ampex Tape Recorder  $4.95 - 38:18 min

    The Berlant Concertone Tape Recorder  $3.95 - 13:23 min
    The Magnecord Tape Recorder$3.95 - 8:09 min
    The Roberts/Rheem/Califone Tape Recorder $4.95 - 23:03 min
     The Sony Tape Recorder   $4.95 - 26:44 min
    The Studer ReVox Tape Recorder   $3.95 - 11:39 min
    The Teac Tascam Tape Recorder   $4.95 - 38:10 min

    The Webster Chicago Wire Recorder &
    The Webcor Tape Recorder    $3.95 - 11:44 min


    This is a private collection of reel to reel equipment and is not a reel to reel restoration facility. We strive to describe the recorders and other items we sell as accurately as possible, noting any problems we've found. We check out mechanical operations when possible, however do not have a service staff in house. Most of the items we collect are 20 to 60 years old and it is very rare that they will meet original specs. As with all our recording equipment auctions, we are selling these items "as is" and offer no returns nor refunds. Shipping is set for large items is normally UPS Ground shipping in US. Other options will be considered, please contact us with questions.

    please visit our on-line

    vintage reel recording museum

    Reel 2 Reel Texas logo



    Please take a look at our VINTAGE PRICE DATA   Here are some comments about our service:

    "Thank you so much! Wow and I was ready to sell them for a few hundred."  Jason R

    "I started to contact you first, however went ahead and sold my Akai.  I now know it went for 25% of the average over the past few years. It was a good unit and might have brought me 6 times what I received. Arrgghh!!!"  Jim K.

    "I didn't have a clue what the Sony was worth.  Thank you!" Michael

    "Wish I'd known about your resource earlier.  Just sold for less than 50% of the average..."  Cary

    Our database provides price history information on most vintage reel to reel tape recorders.  Make knowledgeable offers, bids and set sale prices.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can only provide data from the list of items we have tracked.  If items are requested that are not on the list, we still must charge for the research time.  Go to the Vintage Price Data Page .


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    All Reel2ReelTexas.com photos on this web site are copyrighted ©2012.  We are often asked for permission to use our photos.  Each request is unique.  However normally we charge $25 per photo for one time usage.  If the use is "for profit" we will negotiate a reasonable fee.  Please contact us if you wish to use one of our photos.



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