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Items with links may be seen and heard from this site.  Those with no links are production credits only.

Media note: All Phantom's online media is produced in QuickTime, RealPlayer and/or Windows Media. You may obtain the player for these formats free by clicking on the QuickTime, RealPlayer and Windows Media links below.  In presenting our video clips on the Internet, we have strived to make them playable on 56k modems. However, please be aware there will be a degradation of quality compared to our actual videos. Also, there are a few clips where we made the decision to retain a higher level of presentation. This unfortunately makes it necessary for those clips to be viewed using a higher speed connection (DSL, Cable). Thank you for considering our productions!

Media Clients have included: David Perkoff Music (including: DELL; UT Exes; Independent Bankers Association of Texas IBAT - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; Lumberman's Association of Texas; Esther's Follies; San Marcos Outlet MallDPM wedding musicTexas Department of Aging and Disability Services - Texas Center for Disability ServicesCortex Delta Airlines;  Big Austin 1, 2, 3, 4; Commemorative Air Force; Austin Children's Hospital; EveryChildTexas,Inc. - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, PSAs 1, 2, 3Festivals and Events;  LD Arabians 1, 2, 3Mission Presbytery; Michael F. MurrayMusic VideoAustin Caberet Theatre - Paige Davis;  Poteet Strawberry Festival 1, 2, 3; Todd Oxford;    

Flash Phantom Productions, Inc. Media (Phantom)

Phantom Multimedia Flash


Audio Engineering Society Flash Intro9

Ballooning in Mexico Flash video


TCDS Animation


Web Design and Hosting

Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording (Phantom design and hosting)

David Perkoff Music (Phantom design and hosting)

Michael F. Murray  (Phantom design and hosting)

Michael Lane-Sims  (Phantom design and hosting)

Phantom Productions, Inc. (Phantom design and hosting)

Rick McRae   (Phantom design and hosting)

Texas Education Agency - Texas Project FIRST  (Phantom design and hosting)

Reel 2 Reel Texas Vintage Recording    (Phantom design and hosting)


Alpine, Texas Balloon Festival

1991 Baltimore Preakness Hot Air Balloon Races (Phantom)

1992 Baltimore Preakness Hot Air Balloon Races (Phantom)

Andrews AFB Armed Forces Day Air Show & Kodak Hot Air Balloon Races (Phantom)

Fort Worth Hot Air Balloon Rodeo (Phantom)

From the Ground Up - Hot Air Balloon Crew Training (Phantom)

Guanajuato, Mexico Balloon Festival (Phantom)

Harris branch Hot Air Balloon Fest (Phantom)

Poteet Strawberry Balloon Fest (Phantom)

Sunrise Sunset I (Phantom)

Sunrise Sunset II (Phantom)

Sunrise Sunset III (Phantom)

Sunrise Sunset IV (Phantom)


Alien Project (Phantom)

Bizness Midem representation

Bow Brannon (Phantom)

Christine Albert (Phantom)

Chromatics (Phantom)

Dan and Dave (Phantom)

Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet (Phantom)

James Hinkle (Phantom)

John Cambridge (UK)

Lucian Turk (Phantom)• "Red River"• "Radio Days"

Mark Luke Daniels Promo video

Mavericks (Poteet Strawberry festival) (Phantom)

Rotel & Hot Tomatoes Promo for Disneyland (Phantom)

Rusty Weir (Phantom)

Selena 1994 (Poteet Strawberry festival) (Phantom)

Skull Duggery (Phantom Management)

Steve Fromholz (Phantom promo Midem)

Tracie Lynn • "Life Without You" "The Silence"

Go to the demo video "Throw me A Love Line"picture of movie image rolling

Go to the video "Recording the Silence" Lone Star Studio with Andy Murpy

Go to early 1990s promo video for tracie Lynn

Wedding (Phantom)


Corporate Video

American Balloon Corporation (Phantom)

American Heart Association (Phantom)

Andy Fowler music theory interview (Phantom)

A Saga of Billy the Kid- Tongue & Groove - David Yeakle Director (Phantom)

AT&T 1995 President's Awards (Phantom)

AT&T Wireless Services Awards (Phantom)

Austin Quality Awards (Phantom)

Billy Club Puppets - Tongue & Groove - David Yeakle Director (Phantom)

Brad & Brian Magic Show (Phantom)

Capitol City Playhouse Funny Bizness (Phantom for DPM)

Charles "Charlie" Palmgren (Phantom)

Children's Hospital (Phantom for DPM) 

Children's Hospital #2 (Phantom for DPM) 

CJ Johnson (Phantom)

Comedy Sportz (Phantom)

Compu-Ad Christmas Show (Phantom for DPM)

(Phantom) Document Russian YAK flight

Corporate Hot Air (Phantom)


KEYI Dan Rather Birthday (Phantom for DPM)

L.D. Arabians video - view video

Lipscomb Hollywood (Phantom for DPM)

Lumberman's Association of Texas (Phantom for DPM)

Marty Clark - Morman Pedernales Tornado Clean-up (Phantom)

Mike Blackwood Doubles - Courtyard Tennis Center - Tribute (Phantom)

Mike Jousan (Phantom)Mike Murray (Phantom)

Motorola Wellness (Phantom for DPM)

NASA MECET (Phantom)

Novell Pep Rally (Phantom for DPM)

Palm Harbor Homes (12 part) Management Series (Phantom)

2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival Documentation - go to clips!

Poteet Strawberry Festival Ad for Regal Cinema    Letter Box Version   Get Real Player

Poteet Strawberry Festival (phantom)

RA Land Title (Phantom for DPM)

Ray Anderson (Phantom)

San Marcos Factory Shops (Phantom for DPM)

Semitech (Phantom for DPM)

Shanghi China Hot Air Balloon Promo (Phantom)

Dell Austin Presentation (Phantom for DPM)

Del Poling (Florida) Four Year Old Syndrome (5 part bound video series) (Phantom)

Durham Transportation Time Travelers (Phantom for DPM)

Esther's Follies - Haynes and Boone Show (Phantom)

Esther's Follies HBO Comedy Channel Promo (Phantom)

Sixth Street video for Esther's Follies Austin (Phantom)

EveryChildTexas (Phantom)

Flaming Idiots (Phantom for DPM)

Fox World's Most Shocking Moments Caught On Tape (Phantom)

Gainesville Factory Shops Gainesville Factory Shops (Phantom for DPM)

GRB Without Warning (Phantom)

Hunter Jumper Association (Phantom for DPM)

IBAT (Phantom for DPM)

2006 Chairman's Award Video

IBAT logo 2005 Chairman's Award Video  •  Trailblazer Award  IBAT logo

Keith Kelly (Phantom)

Sprint PCS Sprint PCS (Phantom)

Stouffer Safari Party (Phantom for DPM)

Independent Texas Banker's Association (Phantom for DPM)

Texas Commerce Bank (Phantom)

Texas Motor Transportation (Phantom)

Texas Teachers Retirement - Mike Murray (Phantom)

Texas Tourist Bureau -McCann Erickson Worldwide (Phantom)

Time Travelers (Phantom for DPM) Requires high speed connection


QTVRs produced by Martin Theophilus

Cortex Interactive, Inc.

Balcones Springs (web site by Cortex)

Phantom Productions, Inc.

Creekside QTVR (web site by Phantom)


1990 Phantom Phacts Video (8 part)

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8     


The Believers - Alpine, Texas - 1964 Work session cuts

The CowPokes, El Paso, Texas (Phantom recording)

Dan and Dave "Live at the Backroom - Legends In Our Spare Time" (Phantom recording)

Sul Ross State University Band "On Tour" (Phantom recording)

Housewives Choice - James Hinkle

Big Band Sounds of Austin (Phantom recording) Recorded Live at Austin's Symphony Square

Shammy - From K98 Homegrown Album (Music Etcetera)

"It's My Party" - Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin (Music Etcetera)

Kim Meyers (Phantom recording)

Rich Michaels (Music Etcetera)

Sweet Home Baptist Church (Phantom recording)

Air Texas and Stevie Ray Vaughn (Phantom recording)

Mark Luke Daniels  (Phantom recording)

Tracie Lynn (prior Phantom Management)


Artist Management and Representation services were discontinued in the early 1990's when Phantom began providing Corporate Entertainment Services.

Bobby Bridger (prior Phantom representation)

Christine Albert (prior Phantom representation)

Chromatics (prior Phantom representation)

John Cambridge, UK (prior Phantom UK Management)

James Courts (prior Phantom Management)

Mark Luke Daniels (prior Phantom Management)

Guardezlou (prior Phantom representation)

James Hinkle - Lead Guitar for Marcia Ball (prior Phantom Management)

Tracie Lynn (prior Phantom Management)

Skull Duggery (prior Phantom Management)

Lucian Turk (prior Phantom Management

The Twins (prior Phantom representation)

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