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    A  Magnemite 610 DV, has a spring-driven tape transport and a battery-powered amplification. The recorder weighs 8.6 kg and records full track. The recording speed is 7 1 / 2 "and the frequency response 70-8000 Hz.

    The recorder takes 5 "coils. Rewind is done by hand. The large steering wheel (which is actually the flywheel mounted externally vs internally), sitting on the capstan, must be removed when changing tapes.

    An indicator light flashes when it's time to crank up the tape recorder. Normally after about three minutes. You can crank it while recording. 75 turns with the crank and the spring is unloaded.

    The indicator light is located next to the capstan and tape player is on when amplifier is powered. At the start of shooting it flashes and disappears when the tape speed is the right one. It does not hurt to give the flywheel a little push so that the tape recorder faster comes up at the right speed.

    The machine has three 6.3 mm chassis contact jack plusg, a microphone input, line input and a headphones output.

    Pipe batteries, 1.5 and 90 volts, lasted 100 hours. Then it's time to change.

    A  VU meter, is also used for battery monitoring.

    Magnemite 610 DV has no main power lines. Provided that the head is properly degaussed, the signal-to-noise ratio is45-50 dB.

    This model was manufactured by the Amplicorp company  in the U.S. around 1954 and cost  $385.

    All Magnemite models could be supplied mounted in a weather tight aluminum case.

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