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A D V E N T U R E S   in   C Y B E R S O U N D

A. G. Tannenbaum Manuals



Allied Catalog Archive


AMB manufacturer of products for analog reel-to-reel tape recorders

AMPEX History  -  The Stanford University Archive

Ampex Virtual Museum

Ampex Tape Duplication story

Ampex Tape List

Astatic Microphones  Source #2

Athan Online (rebuilds motors and sells replacement pinch rollers)

Atlas Sound

ATR - Ampex  ATR Tape

Audio Conversion - Video Interchange

Audio Engineering Society - Historical Committee


Audio History AES

AudioKarma - Tape Forum

Audio Preservation Fund - Austin, Texas

Audio Pros

Audio Recording - History and Development

Audio Timeline



Belts #1 - Russellind

Belts #2  - MCM Electronics

Belts #3 - TurntableBelts

Belts #4 - Belts & idlers

Brenell tape recorders (UK)

Buying a tape machine - "Midnight" Bob Schuster backup copy

Canaan Media LLC - Analog to digital transfer

CDs/DVDs  -  Tape and media Logo

Cedar Creek Studio

Central Texas Audio Engineering Society

Chalkhill Educational Media, Inc

Classic Audio

Chronology of Ampex Professional Products

A Chronology of Magnetic Recording


Cylinder Recording


Dokorder - Denon - Denki Onkyo


DVDs  -  Tape and media Logo

DVD Infinity Australian specialist for extremely high quality recovery, transfer, restoration and preservation of old audio formats


ebay Reel to Reel

Edison Birth Place - Menlo Park, NJ

The Edison Home Phonograph

egroups reel to reel

Electronic Field Service and Vintage Electronic Audio & Reel to Reel tape deck repair

Electro Voice History


Finn Jorgensen

FX analog transfer to digital

Garrard & Loricraft Audio

Get Reel

Great prices on DVD's & Tape

GRS Services - Pro Audio Repair

HeathKit  HeathKit history

History of Media Technology

History of the Microphone

History of Recording

History of the Turntable

Home Recording

How To Bake A Tape


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J-Corder Custom Reel-to-Reels

John E. Kendall Vintage Electronics

JRF Magnetic Services  (head restoration, tape, parts)

JVC History

LabGuy's World

Les Paul

LoneStarStomp Exploring the Sounds of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico


Magnetic Reference Laboratory  (calibration tapes)



Marantz  (see also Superscope below)

Master Computer Video


MDI Precision Motor Works restoration, rubber parts and rollers, and rebuilds motors

Microphones - Coutant  Excellent summaries and pictures

The Microphone Vault

Microphone Museum - Bob Paquette

Microphone rental - Retro Microphones

Microphones - Vintage Broadcast

Microphones - Dave's Vintage

The Motown Historical Museum


Museum of Radio and Technology

Mushroom Recording Studios

MusicHall -Japan




Nagra YouTube (excellent!)

National Recorded Sound Library

Neumann History

Neve, Rubert  Video NAMM P1  P2  P3  P4

Nortronics Head Wear Manual

Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound

Obsolete Media

Open Reel Tape Recorder Museum - Hungary

Open Reel Repair


Parrot Tracks Studio -  Austin, Texas

Parts for Ampex Buffs

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Petty Studio

Phantom Produktion - German film producer


Phonophan - (antique phonographs)

Pinch Rollers & Wheels

Pioneer Info

Pioneer 909 repair-  Kevin Kaas, ARS: AI4HZ • Email: KAASK@MSN.COM

Power Cord Resource - Kenelectronics

PrePal - Welcome to the worlds largest online listing of used musical instrument prices

Preservation Sound is a collection of ideas and information about audio.

Presto History Page

Pro Audio Equipment

Pro Audio Europe - Manuals


Quantegy   01/13/05 Story


Radio Shack Catalog site

Rane Pro Audio Reference



Recording History

Recorded Sound Reference Center

    How they're made Part 1  Part 2

Reel to Reel Vintage Texas Tape recorder repair

Reel Deal - blank tape

Reel to Reel Blog Spot

Reel transfer service Reel2Reel2CD

Reel to Reel Tape Transfer LP2CD

ReelSound Recording Company

Reeves Audio

Reeves Audio Recording - 3 track Ampex

Remotes Teac Remotes +

Repair - Reel Pro Sound Guys
Dedicated to the Repair & Restoration of Vintage Audio Reel to Reel Tape Decks  -  Billings article

Repair Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Repair Service Thumbtack -Teac

Restoration Services

Reverse Time Page

ReVox    UK ReVox  ReVox Studer Harman docs

Rheem/Roberts/Califone - site is about combo-organs, however interesting background from an engineer about the Roberts/Rheem/Califone connections

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Roger Russell Home Page

Rollers & Wheels



T - U
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Sam's Photofacts

Scully Forum


Service Manuals

ServiceSound UK & Europe reel to reel service

Shure Mic Techniques

Shure  Discontinued mic page

Side panels for tape recorders

Soniccraft multitrack analog-to-digital transfers

Sonic Specialists specializes in record (LP, 45, 78) to CD transfers and

Tape (Reel to Reel, Cassette, 8-Track, DAT, Elcaset) to CD conversions and restorations

Sony History


Sound Recording History

Stan Coutant's Microphone Reference


Studer ReVox   Studer 2  Studer reels

Studio Electronics - David Kulka

Superscope History



Table 365


Tape/CDs/DVDs  -  Tape and media Logo

Tape - baking

Tape Chart 3M Scotch


Tape Resource - US Recording

More tape resources   2  3  4  5

the Tape Project

Tape Recorder FAQ

Tascam Online Forum

The Teac Place

Teac Parts  (323) 727-4840

Teac - Tascam History

Teac Repair Service Thumbtack -Teac


Telex Viking

Terry's Rubber Rollers and Wheels pinch rollers for professional, consumer and speciality machines

Test TapesMRL, Inc.

Texas Music - LoneStarStomp Exploring the Sounds of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico

Texas Music Museum

Texas Music Office

Thomas Alva Edison Commemorative


TonbandHobby - great tape recorder description with spec profiles

Tonbandmuseum - wonderful historical photos and stories in German

Transfer reel to CD services

DVD Infinity Sydney, Australia provides highest quality audio recovery

Reel transfer service Reel2Reel2CD

Reel to Reel Tape Transfer LP2CD

Turntable History

Urban - Antique Radio

US Recording media and parts


Victrola Repair Service

Video Interchange - Audio Conversion

Vintage Electronics

Vintage HiFi  -  France

Vintage King - LA Nashville

Vintage Knob

Vintage Recorders UK

Vintage Tape UK

Vintage Texas Restoration & Repair

Vintage Vacuum Audio restoration of classic tube amplifiers

Voice of Music used audio parts

Webster Chicago

Western Electric History

Wire Recorder

Wire recording Transfers


Audio Restorations


Wood side panels for tape recorders

World Pro Audio - Technical Support for all disciplines and aspects of the working sound studio with an emphasis on Analog and Tube gear

Yahoo Reel to Reel Group

Go to page dedicated to our microphone collection  •  Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Company Histories


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